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Quenching Oil

Witmans Industries PVT. LTD. is a one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of Specialty Chemicals in India. We offer products like specialty lubricants, process oils, plasticizers, industrial paints, spin finishes, and textile conning oils, including quenching oil which are a type of industrial lubricant used in the heat treatment process to rapidly cool hot metal parts, such as steel, after they have been heated in a furnace. This rapid cooling process, known as quenching, helps to harden the metal and improve its strength and durability.

These quenching Oil is typically manufactured by blending mineral oils or synthetic base oils with additives such as quenching accelerators, anti-oxidants, and anti-wear agents to enhance its cooling and lubricating properties.

Product Details
Color Yellow
Type Quenching Oil
Use Automobile
Application Industrial
Minimum Order Quantity 10 Liter
Supply Ability 1000 Liter Per Week
Delivery Time 3-4 Days

Technical Specification

Visco. @ 40°CASTM D – 445CST324668100150220320460
Pour Point °CASTM D – 97°C-6-6-6-6-6-6-6-6
Flash Point °CASTM D – 92°C200210210210220230240245
Density @ 30 °CASTM D – 1298Gm/cc0.870.8750.880.8850.890.890.8950.895
Viscosity IndexASTM D – 2270No.9595959595959595


Rapid Cooling: Quenching Oil provides fast and uniform cooling of hot metal parts, allowing for precise control over the hardening process.

Hardness Enhancement: It facilitates the transformation of the metal’s microstructure, resulting in increased hardness and strength.

Minimized Distortion: Quenching Oil helps to minimize distortion and cracking of the metal components during the quenching process, ensuring dimensional accuracy.

Reduced Quenching Stress: The oil’s lubricating properties reduce quenching stress on the metal surface, preventing surface defects and improving the overall quality of the treated parts.

Corrosion Protection: Quenching Oil contains additives that provide corrosion protection to the metal surfaces, preventing rust and corrosion buildup.

Applications of Quenching Oil

Automotive Industry: Quenching Oil is widely used in the automotive sector for heat treating various components, including engine parts, transmission gears, and suspension components.

Aerospace Industry: It finds application in the aerospace industry for quenching critical aircraft components, such as landing gear parts, turbine blades, and structural components.

Tool and Die Manufacturing: Quenching Oil is essential in the tool and die manufacturing industry for hardening metal cutting tools, dies, and molds to improve their wear resistance and longevity.

Machinery Manufacturing: Manufacturers of heavy machinery and industrial equipment use Quenching Oil for heat treating components such as shafts, gears, and bearings to enhance their mechanical properties.

Metalworking Industry: Quenching Oil is used in different metalworking processes like forging, casting, and stamping. It helps to get the right material properties and make products perform better.


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