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Drawing Oil

Witmans Industries PVT. LTD. is a one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of Specialty Chemicals in India. We offer products like specialty lubricants, process oils, plasticizers, industrial paints, spin finishes, and textile conning oils, including drawing oil which are a lubricant used in metalworking processes to reduce friction and heat during the drawing of metal wires, tubes, or rods. It is typically manufactured by blending various base oils with additives to enhance lubricity, cooling, and corrosion protection properties.

Witcol Draw Oil- 150

Product Details
Code Draw Oil- 150
Color Yellow
Type Drawing Oil
Use Automobile
Application Industrial
Minimum Order Quantity 10 Liter
Supply Ability 1000 Liter Per Week
Delivery Time 3-4 Days

Witcol Draw Oil - 220

Product Details
Code Draw Oil - 220
Color Yellow
Type Drawing Oil
Use Automobile
Application Industrial
Minimum Order Quantity 10 Liter
Supply Ability 1000 Liter Per Week
Delivery Time 3-4 Days

Technical Specification Comparison

AppearanceVisualClear LiquidClear Liquid
ColourVisualLight YellowLight Yellow
Viscosity @ 40°C (Cst)ASTM D – 445160 ± 10220 ± 20
Viscosity @ 100°C (Cst)ASTM D – 44516 ± 321 ± 5
DensityASTM D – 12980.90 ± 0.10.90 ± 0.1
Flash Point° CASTM D – 97250250
Pour Point °CASTM D – 92– 5– 5
Viscosity IndexASTM D – 2270100100


Lubrication: Drawing oil provides excellent lubrication to metal surfaces during drawing processes, reducing friction and wear.

Cooling: It has effective cooling properties, dissipating heat generated during metal forming operations and preventing overheating.

Corrosion Protection: Drawing oil forms a protective barrier on metal surfaces, preventing corrosion and rust formation, especially during storage and transportation.

Cleanliness: Drawing oil maintains cleanliness in the metalworking process by flushing away debris and metal fines, ensuring smooth operation of equipment.

Compatibility: It is compatible with a wide range of metals and alloys, including steel, aluminum, copper, and brass, making it versatile for various metalworking applications.

Applications of Drawing Oil

Metalworking: Used in processes such as wire drawing, tube drawing, sheet metal forming, and extrusion to lubricate and cool metal surfaces during deformation.

Automotive: Applied in automotive component manufacturing, including the production of engine parts, transmission components, and chassis components.

Aerospace: Utilized in the fabrication of aircraft components, such as landing gear parts, wing sections, and fuselage panels, to ensure precise forming and dimensional accuracy.

Machinery: Employed in the manufacture of machinery parts, such as gears, shafts, and bearings, to improve surface finish and dimensional tolerance.

Construction: Used in the production of construction materials, including pipes, beams, and structural components, to achieve desired shapes and dimensions with minimal material wastage.


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