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Sewing Thread Oil

Witmans Industries PVT. LTD. is a one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of Specialty Chemicals in India. We offer products like specialty lubricants, process oils, plasticizers, industrial paints, spin finishes, and textile conning oils, including sewing thread oil which are a lubricant used in sewing machines to reduce friction and prevent thread breakage during stitching, ensuring smooth and seamless sewing operations.

These sewing thread oil is typically manufactured by blending various mineral or synthetic oils with additives such as anti-corrosion agents and antioxidants. These components are mixed together in specific proportions and subjected to quality control testing to ensure consistency and effectiveness in lubricating sewing threads.

Product Details
Color Yellow
Application Industrial
Type Sewing Machine Oil
Use Textile
Chemical Composition Silicone, Aliphatic and Additives
Minimum Order Quantity 10 Liter
Supply Ability 1000 Liter Per Week
Delivery Time 3-4 Days

Technical Specification

CompositionSilicone, Aliphatic and AdditivesSilicone, Aliphatic and Additives
AppearanceClear Colourless to slightly yellow liquidClear Colourless to slightly yellow liquid
Pour Point14°C-2°C
Viscosity @ 40 °C (Cst)2010
SolubilityWater insolubleWater insoluble
Storage StabilityApprox. 12 months after delivery, if stored in the original unopened drums under the stated conditionsApprox. 12 months after delivery, if stored in the original unopened drums under the stated conditions
Storage StabilityRecommended Storage Temperature + 30 C to 35 CRecommended Storage Temperature + 30 C to 35 C


Lubrication: Provides excellent lubrication to sewing threads, reducing friction and minimizing thread breakage.

Heat Resistance: Withstands high temperatures generated during sewing operations without degradation.

Anti-Corrosion: Protects sewing machine parts from rust and corrosion, prolonging their lifespan.

Compatibility: Compatible with various types of sewing threads and sewing machine materials.

Consistency: Maintains consistent viscosity and performance even under varying sewing conditions.

Non-Staining: Does not leave stains or residue on fabrics, ensuring clean and flawless stitching.

Eco-Friendly: Sewing Thread Oil are formulated to be environmentally friendly, minimizing their impact on the environment.

Applications of Sewing Thread Oil

Textile Industry: Used in industrial sewing machines for stitching garments, upholstery, and other textile products.

Apparel Manufacturing: Ensures smooth and efficient sewing operations in the production of clothing items.

Upholstery and Home Furnishings: Facilitates seamless stitching of fabrics for upholstery, curtains, and bedding.

Leather Goods: Aids in sewing leather products such as bags, shoes, and accessories.

Automotive Upholstery: Supports the stitching of automotive upholstery and interior components.

Industrial Applications: Used in various industrial sewing applications, including canvas, tents, and bags.

Craft and Hobby: Provides lubrication for sewing threads in crafting and hobby projects, such as quilting and embroidery.


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