Witcol CL - 114’ is a Specialty Emulsifier Package for the production of Conning Oil / DTY Oil. The Emulsifier Package is a combination of Non Ionic Emulsifiers, Antistats, and Antioxidants & Cohesive Agents. The Conning Oil / DTY Oil prepared from ‘Witcol CL - 114’ exhibits Excellent Antistatic & Lubrication Characteristic & is suitable for Polyester / Nylon Filament Yarns for Texturising, Conning & Twisting Operations.

The Conning Oil prepared from Witcol CL - 114 exhibits the following important functions:

  • Excellent antistatic properties, scourability, and antisplash characteristics

  • Great yarn-yarn & metal-yarn lubrication

  • Low frictional properties

  • Excellent moistening for homogeneous film formation

  • Stability during the storage of lubricated yarns

Feed in kettle, 89% of Base Oil / White Oil wt/wt (viscosity as desired for final product). Add 10% of ‘Witcol CL-114’ wt./wt. under stirring for 30-60 minutes, until they are dissolved and you get clear liquid (agitator speed 60-70 rpm). Once you get a clear liquid, add 1% wt./wt. of TL-30 and stir for another 15-30 minutes (agitator speed 60-70 r.p.m.)

NOTE: Before using ‘Witcol CL-114’, please ensure that it is a clear liquid. As the pour point is 15 ºC during winter, it may become hazy. If so, heat up to 40º C and stir well for 5-10 minutes to get a clear liquid.

Properties Values
Appearance Clear To Slight Hazy Liquid
Colour Light Yellow
Viscosity @ 40° C (Cst) 75 ± 5
Density @ 30° C 0.985 + 0.02
Flash Point °C Above 200
10 % pH 7 - 8
Acid Value mgms of KOH / gms Max. 20.0

Approximately 12 months from the date of manufacturing.

The provided information is presented for your careful consideration, investigation, and verification. Please be advised that no warranties are expressed or implied due to the inherent variability in product use, which is beyond our direct control.