Witcol Rustcol RP-1204 and Witcol Rustcol RP-3204 are barium-free corrosion preventives that offer cold-rolled steel excellent protection in condensation, salt spray, and open shed conditions. Witcol Rustcol RP-1204 and Witcol Rustcol RP-3204 have good drawing properties and are also easily removed with neutral or alkaline water-based cleaners. They are thixotropic and provide optimum film stability on vertical surfaces. They protect semi-finished cold-rolled steel components during transportation and shed storage when good protection and easy removability are priorities.

Witcol Rustcol RP-1204 and Witcol Rustcol RP- 3204 can be applied by dipping, spraying, or rolling. Those are normally applied electrostatically to cold-rolled steel. When electrostatically spraying or filtering, the temperature should not fall below 40°C. As with all thyrotrophic products, light settling can occur after longer periods of storage. If sealed in the original container, Witcol Rustcol RP-1204 and Witcol Rustcol RP-3204 can be stirred for at least 3 years at 5-40° C.

Properties Unit 1204 3204
Appearance - Clear Liquid Clear Liquid
Density AT 30º C KG/1 0.831 0.874
Viscosity at 40º C CST 15 32
Flash pt. ºc ºC 180 190
% Sulfur Number ASTM D – 4294 Nil
Nmv % 99.5 99.5
Film thickness Micron 8 - 10 8 - 10
Coper strip corrosion at 100 c for 3 hrs - Not worse then 1.0 Not worse then 1.0
Water placement coverage - Passes Passes
Area - 80+ 80+
Color - 12.5 12.5
In door protection - 2 months 6 months
Outdoor protection - 1 months 2 months

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