Hydraulic Oil

Witcol Circulating Oils are made from high viscosity index, chemically stable base stocks that are further fortified with antioxidants, anticorrosion, antiwear, and antifoam additives. They meet the requirements of very high-pressure systems and systems where high pump speeds are encountered.

  • Right viscosity to satisfy the demands of the hydraulic pump and the designed system

  • High viscosity index to restrict viscosity changes under operating conditions

  • Good film strength and anti-wear properties

  • Maximum demulsibility to allow entrained water to settle down

  • Excellent corrosion and foaming resistance

  • High chemical stability

Witcol Circulating Grades are recommended for use in hydraulic systems, enclosed gear boxes, chain drives, compressors, vaccum pumps, mining machinery, machine tools, circulation oiling systems, etc. wherein oil is recirculated and used for an extensive period of time.

‘Witcol Circulating Grades’ meet the requirements of IS: 10522-1983 specifications.

Properties Unit Astm methods Specification
Appearance Attribute Visual Clear Liquid
Colour (Gardner No.) Number ASTM D - 1544 Max. 4
Viscosity @ 40° (Cst) CST ASTM D - 445 100 ± 15
10% Emulsion Attribute Visual Transparent
pH of 10% Emulsion Number ASTM D - 664 7.5 ± 0.5
Acid Value mg. KOH / gm. ASTM D - 974 Max. 6.0
Density @ 30° gm. / cc ASTM D – 1298 1.05 ± 0.05
Active Content ( %) % ASTM D – 4377 90 ± 2
Pour Point °C ASTM D - 97 Max. 10

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