WITPLAST : DB - 300 , DB – 400

Specific Properties - (Unit) Appearance Color - (Gardner No) Viscosity(Cst)@ 25°C Density - (Grams/cc) @ 25°C Refractive Index (Number) Flash Point (°C) Pour Point (°C) Acidity As Acid (Max) (wt%) Compatibility Application
Test Method Visial ASTM D-1544 ASTM D-455 ASTM D-455 ASTM D-1218-12 ASTM D-92 ASTM D-97 ASTM D-1045-86
Types Grades Speciality
Speciality Plasticizers WITPLAST DB-300 It is a phthalate free REACh compliant plasticizer. Highly so lv ating plasticizer temperatures. it improves dspersion of fillers and thus product surface finish. excellent fuel and chemical resistance along with resistant to extraction from the viny l by aliphatic and oil sovents clear 0.5 Max 68 ± 0.5 1.17 ± 0.01 1.543 ± 0.005 195 Min -28 0.35 Max Nitrile Blends/PVC, NBR, CR and CSM, PVC, EVA, SBR, EC (Ethylcellulose),CN(Nitro cellulose)Cellulose Acetate butyrate (CAB),PU and PUMMA in varing percentanges Footwear, Adhesives, Window seal & tapes, PVC profile, pipes,heat shrinkablefilm, Non-woven fabrics etc.
WITPLAST DB-400 It is Pthalate free REACh compliant high solvating plasticizer. Designed for high performance application in polyvinylacetate and water-base adhesive systems, In adhesives, it displays excellent wet tack, set times and open times and also improves adhesion in acrylic latex caulks clear 0.5 Max 72 ± 0.5 1.16 ± 0.01 1.540 ± 0.005 195 Min -30 ±2 0.05 Max Compatible with PVC, PVA, NBR, CR, CSM,EVA, SBR EthylCellulose Nitro Cellulose, cellulose acettate butyrate (CAB), PU and PMMA PVC Footwear, PVC flooring Adhesives, Windows seal & Tapes.PVC Profles, Ppeps, Heat Shrinkable film, Non-woven Fabrics etc.


Recommended Storage Temperature + 30°C to 35°C under roof.
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