Rubber Process Oil
Appearance Attribute Visual Opaque Liquid Opaque Liquid Opaque Liquid
Colour Number ASTM D-1500 Dark Brown Dark Brown Dark Brown
Viscosity @ 100°C Cst ASTM D - 445 25 ± 5 35 ± 5 14 ± 3
Density @ 30°C gms/cc ASTM D - 445 0.950± 0.05 0.950± 0.05 0.950± 0.05
Density @ 30°C gms/cc ASTM D - 445 0.950± 0.05 0.950± 0.05 0.950± 0.05
Flash Point °C ASTM D - 92 Min 230 Min 220 Min 220
Aniline Point °C ASTM D - 611 30 ± 10 60 ± 10 65 ± 10
Pour Point °C ASTM D - 97 25 ± 5 Max 25 Max 30
Volatile Matter at 100°C / 2 hrs. % ASTM D - 972 Max 1.0 Max 1.0 Max 1.0
Carbon Type Analysis ASTM D 2140 NOT APPLICABLE
CA %
CN %
CP %
Compatibility NR, SBR & PBR
Application Automotive & OTR Tyre, Retread Rubber, Mats, Moulded & Extruded Product Cost competitive Product, Automotive Tyre, Retread Rubber, Mats, Moulded & Extruded Product Rubber Mats, Moulded & Extruded Product
  • Established capacity of over 60,000 MT. per annum.
  • Witmans formulates customized & tailor made rubber process oils.
  • Witprol Rubber process oils are very well appreciated by domestic & international Automotive & OTR Tyre, Tubes and Rubber products manufacturer.
Witmans manufactures a wide range of standard and modified rubber process oils to cater to manufacturers of NR, SBR, PBR, Butyl and EPDM based rubber Products.
Most common usage is mainly in Automotive & OTR tyres, Tubes, Moulded goods. White goods, Textiles and Biomedical applications. Witmans offers comprehensive range of Aromatic, Paraffinic and Naphthenic Rubber process oils which meets the requirements of rubber industries. Witprol Rubber Process oils have following characteristics:
  • Assists in the mixing operations.
  • Improves processability.
  • Reduces compounding time.
  • Modify the physical properties and enhanced surface finish.
  • Easy mold release


Aromatic Oils: Aromatic Oils are generally dark in colour & has good solvency and compatible with wide range of rubbers like NR, SBR, and PBR. It is suitable to be used in the manufacture of Automotive & OTR Tyre, beltings, mats, molded rubber parts etc.

Naphthenic Oils: These oils have good colour stability and adequate high temperature properties. It is extensively used in the manufacturing of foot wear, hot water bags, light coloured moulded & extruded products. These oils are compatible with NR, SBR, PBR, EPDM and IIR.

Paraffinic Oils: These are light Paraffinic type of oils having moderate to high viscosity and high flash point. These are recommended to be used with EPDM based rubber product & Butyl rubbers for processing of Extruded goods, Automobile tubes, Conveyor belts, Moulded rubber articles etc.

Bio-Degradable - REACh Compliant Low PCA Oils : These are Eco Friendly New Generation Green Oils meeting EU requirements, having PCA less than 3% as per IP 346 method.