Spin finish - For Nylon POY Application

Leveraged by an infrastructure operating on cutting edge technology, we have been consistently offering our clients a world class range of Spin Finish Nylon POY.
Our huge array of nylon POY is formulated using high quality additives and utilizing latest composition in accordance with various international quality standards.
Owing to its salient properties like accurate composition and longer shelf life, our Spin Finish Nylon POY is highly demanded in the national and international markets.


• T2 tension in Texturising is less by Using Witcol Spin Finish compared to Competitor
• Higher retention of spin finish after subsequent texturising process resulting commercial gain
• Imparting Low fibre-metal dynamic friction and high filament cohesion to have good package build up and avoid overthrown ends or loops
• Good Anti Static Characteristics
• Stable Thermal Characteristics with low fuming tendency
• Excellent compatability with Polyurethene disc
• Ensures Non Corrosive properties and non irritating to the skin
• Excellent wetting and penetration resulting low broken filament while processing of Micro Deniers at Texturising
• Good cracking behavior and ensures long primary heater cleaning cycles
• Residues are water soluble and can be easily cleaned from the Godets


  Properties   Test Method   Witcol Spin Finish-POY
  Appearance   Visual Inspection   Clear Liquid
  Colour (Gardner No.)   Lovibond Colour Comparator (D-1500)   Max. 8.0
  Viscosity @ 400 (Cst)   BS/IP/SL Size-2A Viscometer tube (D-445)   160 +15
  Emulsion Stability ( 10% Emulsion in Distilled Water )   Visual Inspection   Clear & Stable
  PH ( 10% Emulsion in Distilled Water )   Digital PH Meter   6.5 + 0.5
  Acid Value ( Mg / Gm)   Volumetric Titration By 0.1 N Meth.KOH Solution   Max. 2.0
  Density @ 300 C (Gms / cc)   Hydrometer   1.0 + 0.04
  Active Content ( %)   Karl Fischer App(D-6304)   90+2.0

8 -10% in DM Water

Normal Denier 0.35 - 0.40%
Micro Denier 0.48 - 0.55 %
Dope Dyed 0.48 - 0.58 %

12 Months

For preparing spin finish solution only DM water should be used. DM water conductivity should be 0.5 µS/Cm and free from silicic acid. For the protection of Bacteria, we recommend to add Bactericide to the water and stir for 10 Minutes. Pour Witcol Spin Finish in DM water with continuous stirring until it is fully emulsified.

Protect From heat and frost.

200 kgs in Plastic Drums or 1 Mt in Plastic containers.