Witprol N-520

Rubber is one of the vital commodity of the modern world. The growth of rubber industry has been impressive and continuously growing. Rubber materials are widely used in our everyday life. Most common usage are mainly in tyres, automotive supply industry, white goods, constructions, textiles and biomedical applications. WITMANS offers comprehensive range of Aromatics, Paraffinic and Naphthenic Rubber Process Oils which meets the requirements of rubber industries as well as tyre industries. Our Rubber Process Oils under brand WITPROL have following characteristics:

• Assist in the mixing operations.
• Reduces compounding time.
• Improve processability.
• Modify the physical properties.

Witprol N - 520 is Naphthenic type of oil & has fairly good colour stability & adequate high temperature properties. This oil is recommended for use in the manufacturer of tyres, mats, foot-wear, molded & extruded goods. This oil is having compatibility with NR, SBR, and PBR. It is very much preferred for coloured and non-staining rubber products.


  Appearance      Visual   Yellow Clear Liq.
  Colour   Number   ASTM D - 1500   1.5 Max
  Viscosity @ 40°C   CST   ASTM D – 445   20 ± 5
  Flash Point   °C   ASTM D – 92   Min.160
  Aniline Point   °C   ASTM D – 611   76
  Pour Point   °C   ASTM D-97   -30
  Acid Value   Mg KOH /gm.   ASTM D – 974   0.1 max
  Volatile Matter@ 150°C
  for 1 hr
  %   ASTM D – 972   -
  Carbon Type Analysis      ASTM D - 2140     Typical
  CA   %   14
  CN   %   38
  CP   %   48


Recommended Storage Temperature + 30°C to 35°C under roof.
Our products are produced using best of raw materials, advanced equipments, professional workforce and precise QC inspection system which ensures quality at all levels.
Our products are supported by well qualified and experienced Oil Technologists & Rubber Technologists. We also formulate customized & tailor made Rubber Process Oils suitable to varied applications.