Die Lubricants


‘Witcol DL 81’ is a highly chlorinated extreme pressure ( EP ) type oil with fatty oils and free sulphur making it ideally suited for most severe drawing conditions. At the drawing periphery when surface of the tube bar is in contact with the die, there is a chemical reactivity on the metal surfaces whereby a nascent metallic chloride layer of molecular thickness is formed. This feature is important in high speed drawing of steel for extending the die life and improving the surface finish.

Applications :
‘WITMANS Witcol DL 81’ is ideally suited for cold pilfering. The high percentage of stabilized chlorine incorporated in the blend enables maximum reduction per pass, simultaneously offering a high degree of finish both internally and externally. It also ensures low wear on mandrel and dies. Witcol DL 81 is also widely used for deep drawing and cold rolling of stainless steel tubes.

Performance Benefit :
Maximum reduction per pass ,High degree of internal and external finish, Low wear on mandrel and dies, Reduction in frictional heat , Close limit on wall thickness

  Properties   ASTM Method   Unit   Values
  Appearance   Visual   Attribute   Clear Liquid
  colour   Visual   Attribute   Light Yellow
  Viscosity @100 °C   ASTM D – 445   CST   13 ± 3>
  Density   ASTM D - 1298   Number   1.20 ± 0.1 
  Flash point   ASTM D - 92   °C   180
  Pour point   ASTM D - 97   °C   (-) 5 
  Copper Corrosion Test   ASTM D - 130   No.   4 C 

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