Witcol Cutwell Super -40

Water Soluble Cutting Oil :

Witcol Cutwell - 40 is concentrated, water soluble oil Compounded for ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

Witcol Cutwell - 40 is blended from the finest quality high viscosity index paraffin base oils. Incorporated into these base oils are extreme pressure additives, Anticorrosive additives, emulsifier and germicidal agents.

It is a heavy duty, soluble oil with high EP properties. An emulsion of Water Soluble Cutting Oil combines the cooling characteristics of a conventional emulsion with the load carrying properties of cutting oil. Thus, a product of this type can be used on machining operations where the extreme pressure requirements are too severe for conventional soluble oils.

It is generally recommended for heavy duty machining of carbon steels, stainless steels, high temperature alloys on automatic lathe, drilling, milling and boring operations.

It can also be used in applications such as gear hobbing, gear shaping and broaching of ferrous metals.


  Properties   Units   Test method   40
  Appearance   Attribute   Visual   Clear Liquid
  Density at 30°C   Gm/Ec   ASTM D – 1298   0.90 C-05
  Viscosity 40°C CST   CST   ASTM D – 445   40.0 - 5
  Viscosity Index   Number   ASTM D – 2270   95
  % Sulfur   Number   ASTM D – 4294   Nil
  5 % pH   Number   ASTM D – 664   9.00
  Cast iron corrosion test   Attribute   ASTM D – 4627   No Corrosion

*5% by volume soluble oil concentrate in 95% distilled water.

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