Witcol Hypack Compound -1000/2000/5000

Description :

WITCOL HYPACK COMPOUND grades are heavy viscous black petroleum products fortified with special tackiness agents. They all have pronounced stringiness and excellent film strength to withstand high pressure in heavily loaded open gears. They also possess good rust preventive properties and have ability to stay in place and provide long lasting protection to ropes and open gears.

WITCOL HYPACK COMPOND grade contain a non-flammable solvent for easy application without heating. These grades are recommended for lubrication of conventional open gears, cable and wire ropes, the heavier grades require heating before application and in liquid state they can be applied with swab, brush, paddle or spray.


  Properties   Unit   ASTM   1000   2000   5000
  Visco. @ 100°C   CST   ASTM D - 445   270   600   1100
  Flash Point   °C   ASTM D – 92   252   252   280
  Pour point   °C   ASTM D - 97  24   27   30

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