Antisatic Conning Oil
• WITCOL - 1020 PLUS

• WITCOL - 1021 Y PLUS

Witcol 1020 Plus

WITCOL 1020 PLUS is specially formulated Anti – Splash conning oil suitable for high speed texturing of Polyester / Nylon filament Yarns . Application level of 1.5 to 4 % on the weight of Textured Yarn is normally recommended.

• Excellent Yarn to Yarn and Yarn to metal lubrication.
• Excellent Scourability.
• Excellent Antistatic Properties.
• Excellent Stability of the product during storage of lubricated yarns.
• Low frictional properties which ensure smooth running of the yarn in subsequent processing.
• Excellent penetrating properties which ensures uniform oil pick up throughout the package.
• Excellent Non – Corrosive properties.
• Excellent Non – Splash properties which eliminates Oil Splashing and misting even at high speeds thus reduces oil wastage and atmospheric Contamination.


  Properties   WITCOL 1021Y PLUS
  Nature   Non - Ionic
  Appearance   Clear Liquid
  Colour (Gardner)   Max. 1.0
  Odour   Odourless
  Viscosity @ 25° C (Cps)   35 ± 5.0 Cst
  10% Emulsion   7.5 + 0.5
  10% Emulsion   Stable
  Density@ 25ºC   0.86 ± 0.02
  Acid Value   Max. 2.5 Mgms
  Antisplash Additive   Yes


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